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Do you believe in reincarnation?in past lives?that you've lived before?

If you are like most people, you accept the reality of a deep spiritual existence. The idea of past lives and reincarnation is a central tenet to the spiritual practices of countless cultures for millenia. Life after death is the cornerstone of virtually every faith. The idea of life after death expresses itself in many ways and the belief in reincarnation is easily one of the most popular.  Past life regression therapy is one of the easiest ways to explore your past lives.

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Using Past Life Regression

Many believe past lives and reincarnation are a way for us to evolve spiritually -- so that we may learn valuable lessons in each life.  Each past life is an educational stepping stone to better future lives.

Astralware's Past Life Regression offers a unique way to learn more about your past life possibilities.  Rather than going to a past life regression therapist (and paying hundreds of dollars for a hypnotic regression), you can now download Past Life Regression and explore your past life memories in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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Past Life Regression is a great way to explore your hidden past lives
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What's so special about Astralware's
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There are countless reasons hundreds of thousands of people have trusted Astralware's Past Life Regression to uncover and explore memories of their past lives.

  • Experience the most popular powerful past life regression on the internet, used by hundreds of thousands of explorers before you.
  • Improve your current life by resolving and clearing the traumas of your past lives.
  • Experience unique and deep trance-like meditative states while learning to probe the depth of your consciousness.
  • Learn the basics of past life regression to help your friends and family explore their own past lives.
  • Relax to the sophisticated binaural frequencies that help relax the mind, body, and spirit.

What Exactly is Past Life Regression?

It's a Virtual Past Life Regression Therapist

Astralware's Past Life Regression will place you in a deep, deep state of hypnotic mediation and begin probing the recesses of your mind to bring to light your past life memories. The narrator will carefully guide you through this powerful spiritual exercise and lead you from one past life event to the next past life event. You'll uncover memories of where you once lived. You'll remember loved ones long since forgotten. You will find out where you lives, how you lived, and what you looked like

Past Life Regression Like You've Seen on Television and in the Movies...

How many times have you seen hypnotists regress people into their past lives in the movies and on television? Haven't you always wanted to try to view your past lives through such a past life regression? Weren't you curious? Past Life Regression avails you the opportunity to do just that – to help you explore your past life and to find out who you once were.

Why have so many people been interested in learning about their own past lives?

  • The thrill of exploring the nature of past life regression phenomena
  • To obtain a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of our existence
  • To find and heal health and financial obstacles with roots in past karma
  • Better appreciate soul circles and the roles your friends and families have played in past incarnations
  • To experience the many health and therapeutic benefits of regressive hypnosis sessions

People seek information about their past lives and about reincarnation for a variety of reasons.  Some have family and friends who speak on the topic while others may have encountered the topic as a plot point in a movie or tv program.  Further, for many, reincarnations and past lives are integral to the faith of their family or their culture.

Don’t Take it From Us

Read These Amazing Stories...

  • Neha A. Neha A.
    I was so poor..... in the middle of no where that i was struggling on finding a calendar... there wasnt any...and there wasnt anything to see my reflection in but a bowl of water... i was very old... i had no room to myself just a shelter made of wood and grass... the terrible event didn't make sense to me.. all i saw was this weird building with clouds in the background giving the scene an orange glow... but i was in great pain... emotionally... my most happiest moment seemed like a child in my arms... otherwise it didn't seem like i knew many people.. it was a good experience.. hoping to try it out more times later..
  • Juaquin T. Juaquin T.
    1989, lived in some part of Asia, between mountains and a lot of nature. The area I lived in was pretty secluded. My house was absolutely beautiful. I had a beautiful wife. It's funny I used to have dreams about this particular person, but I always thought it was a premonition. I was so in love with her, and I still am. I've been looking for this girl for years, but I don't think I'll ever find her. I miss her because she made my world so bright, but anyway, I don't remember everything. As far as my occupation, I would help ppl, in many different ways. I'm not sure if I was well known around some village, but apparently a lot of people either looked up to me, or saw a bright future. TBH, I don't really know if all of this is real or my imagination, but it felt real
  • Natalie D. Natalie D.
    OMG.. the place I pointed on the world map is south east of Wuhan. I was a Chinese sculptor (I worked with clay) and I was an anti-social man with a very loving mother. I lived in 1925 the day is 22nd. The place where I lived had clay and grass, I have a small house with a flat black roof. its a rainy season. My workplace is where the river flows and its near the mountain. I do my sculpting next to the river. I don't wear shoes. I never married anybody.   Childhood: my childhood house is a little bigger than my house with nice floors (outside this house there is red soil and a big green tree). I see my mother (but there are other people standing) she is very pleased to see me, she hugs me and I feel a lot of love and comfort. Sorrowful day: my mother is sitting across the room and she is crying I have my tool (like a spanner) in my hands, I am only sad because she is sad and no other reason.    My happiest day: I bring my mother to live with me and she is very happy and so am I. She is very proud of me. Then there is this dinner, my mother is socializing and she is very happy and I am just roaming around not talking to anybody but I am happy.     My message is something to do with an animal horn. Note:- I am not from China never been there. I am a female. Do I believe in past life regression? No. It was a great experience. It was nice to meet the lady or "my mother". But being unmarried felt very strongly, I always knew I will be single (from childhood itself). Me doing the work, where it requires a lot of focus and patience, sounds like me. I'd love to meet this lady or my mother.
  • Deborah A. Deborah A.
    I saw Scandinavia clearly and the year 1242.  When I visualized my parents I got the impression that the father was a Viking (he was bearded with red hair) merchant or raider but his wife was dark-skinned and I got the feeling that their coupling drew hostility from the community.  For the tragedy I saw the home of my childhood, which appeared to be some kind of hovel surrounded by goats, burned to the ground and everyone was slaughtered.  Somehow as an adult I wound up as a fisherman.  I don't know why those particular places/times came to me but I researched it and apparently there was a Mongol invasion in Europe and Rus (old Russia) in 1242 which resulted in vast population displacements throughout the area.  Weird.
  • Jacob F. Jacob F.
    That was an amazing experience. I was transported to somewhere in rural Russia circa 1896 where I was actually a woman who worked as a seamstress. I would always be pricking my fingers with the needles while I worked, something I remembered. I went to the factory where my father worked, something to do with books or binding, not too sure..where he was later injured and died of his injuries. I met my mother, father, grandmother, husband, little brother, coworkers, and friends from my past life and know who they are now. Everything felt so familiar like I'd been there before, as I'm sure I have.
  • Kara E Kara E
    I saw Tuesday March 31st, 1953 on the Calendar. Which freaked me out because that is an actual date. I have a 6 year old daughter named Emily. I lived in Australia and I ran a small bakery where I made jams, jellies & some baked goods. My tragic memory was my father trying to drown me in the bathtub when I was 8. People in town talked about me. They all thought I was a witch. That I had special powers (which made me think that's why my father tried to drown me).
  • Arron M Arron M
    So I lived in Cameroon, Africa the west coast. Lived in a marble hut and my bed was a hole dug into the side of my hut, I lived on my own next the sea and a sort of forest. It was march 1956 can't remember what day and I guess I just died of old age as nothing really interesting happened.
  • Leandra D Leandra D
    I lived in a Mexican village with my Mom and Grandma. The date was June 18 1975. My tragic moment was my grandma's funeral. My workplace was in Paris, France I worked in the Chanel store. My happy moment was arriving to Paris on a plane. Everyone kept on telling me to face my fears and never give up and that they were proud of me .
  • Sin P. Sin P.
    My name was Charlotte, and I don't know where I was, I tried to focus on it, I recognized it but didn't know the name of where I lived.  I lived with my mother and father.  It was June, and it was warm.  We lived in a barn, but when I opened the door it was like a palace.  It had a grand staircase with a cabinet next to the base of the stairs.  There were  5 doors around me, I didn't go into any of them.  But funnily enough, I knew what was in every single one of them.  I went up stairs to my bedroom, and WOW just WOW.  It was fairly small, but not cramped, I had posters of planets.  I have loved astronomy ever since I can remember.  I had a tall bed with the closet on the opposite side of the room.  I walk back outside and see myself with a guy.  His name was Danny and we kissed for the first time.     Disaster, in the past experience I could hear guns, I was in a dense forest with not a  lot of light.  Danny was next to me.  I think I was about 18, give or take (yes I was a girl).  Danny was shot, I tried to stay and hold his hand but he pushed me away and told me to run.  It was a chest wound.   The exciting thing, It was my wedding day.  We hiked up a dangerous mountain (People always said we were crazy) I was 28 he was 30.  When we got to the top of the mountain, the view was breathtaking.  That's where we got married.  And his name was Luke.   I worked at a hospital after the disaster.  I was an all rounded surgeon and one of the best surgeons there.   All in all it was a revealing experience and I enjoyed it. Although I did get freaked out a bit at the disaster.
  • BN BN
    I was a concert violinist in London around 1912. My name was Thomas and I had a wife named Elizabeth who i met playing on the street corner after i left my orphanage in Germany. She helped me get into this opera orchestra. She died of some disease, i wanna say cholera but i say too distraught during that memory to focus. I can still see her face. Weird
  • Jared O Jared O
    I lived in a tribe in maybe the islands near Australia. I was a shaman. I met a lovely lady before I died. I was found injured by foster mom which is my real mom. And foster dad. Now it gets real strange my foster dad was my creepy science teacher. My little helper is my fat friend slayder (his last name) my mom was stabbed with a spear and my dad was just gone. There were many people I still need to meet before I die because some of the faces were blurred
  • J.G. J.G.
    I was a man in my 30's and I had very long brown hair and I wore a robe that was supposed to be white but was discolored from time. I'm carrying a book the size of a larger bible. I'm walking into some type of straw hut/shack and there is a sick maybe dying woman there on a bed. She is dark complected and has a black dot on her forehead about the size of a dime. What ever I'm doing feels like I'm just doing my job. Maybe I'm administering her last rites.
  • John W. John W.
    September 15th, 1756 on a Friday. I was a sexy guy who made wood stuff. My tragic event was when my grandfather died. Over time, I wasn't scared of much anymore. My happiest moment was when my bf saved me of all my past relationships where the guy was either embarrassed of me or took me for granted.
  • Rue L. Rue L.
    I came up as a hard working devilishly handsome farmhand looking young man that made bread, lived in an old market place type of town. My musculature was that of an athlete, and I could just tell I was always moving about, busy body and loving every bit of it. The type of clothing was very gypsy-like. The air was pleasantly humid, and smelled very earthy I saw stucco white buildings, and long dirt roads. Buildings close together. The symbiosis of the townspeople was contagious, hustling and bustling about. I had a moustache. Last time I did a past life regression I was a male, and wearing celtic like garb. Spartan sandals, large wooly and rough clothing. My hair was unruly and I looked pissed, but in a "I can kick your ass" kind of way if you hurt anything I hold dear to me.
  • Jvee L. Jvee L.
    It was pretty scary but somehow i got some vivid and also vague glimpse of the past. I landed to a big continent and a big country. The street ed empty and i saw my house like in ancient China or Japan...not very sure at first. Then, when i owned the big doors, there's an altar with incense. Only that.may bedroom has a big browm bed with poles on each corner. I look at the calendar and i wasn't sure of the year. 1587 /1857 March Tuesday. I looked at the mirror and my face seems unfamiliar not my present face. I know i was wearing a plain red kimono and my shoes we like lotus feet but they're removable. Then i went to a work place but it didn't look like a work place for me. It's a big garden with a bridge anda big tree and an easel under it. It felt like i was in my hobby place. Then most tragic event was i saw a man got beaten up by the guards and he was looking at me. Kht father was looking at him repulsively and i was begin them to stop. On the happiest moment of many life... a couple on the hill with a cherry blossom and small lake. They were talking and very intimate. The man was the one got beaten by the guards. He was wearing a very simple clothing and i was wearing a pink dress. I ed ting yup research the right period that i was in. But i couldn't find it.
  • Anastasia K. Anastasia K.
    Woman in Chile or Argentina in 1946. I remember the inside of the house more than the outside - it was a nice place to live in at the time. Lots of brown, wooden panels everywhere and a large brown leather chair. Unsure of my occupation but it was in the main town in a mansion. The only thing I remember was a black grand piano in a big room, enough room for dancing.
  • Raymond H. Raymond H.
    At first I was highly skeptical as to how well this would work. Not the case. I found myself in the 9th Century in Scandinavia, in a small hilltop home overlooking a beautiful fjord. I saw people that I have only just met, while my most tragic place and happiest place were in the same valley, only meters apart, while decades separated it. The messages from my past friends will not ever leave my mind. This much I know. This is likely one of the greatest things that has happened to me all year!
  • Holly H. Holly H.
    Oh my god I thought I was weird for believing in past lives, glad to hear it quite common! I was a young lady with auburn hair living in somewhere like Brighton in England but it felt more like America. Unsure of my exact employment but it was an office job and I was surrounded by mostly men. I remember kids running in my street playing and I was sad because they weren't mine, I was married though, maybe I was unable to have kids. All I remember is wearing a powder blue coat with a brown fur collar and brown pointy heels. I was mixed about in eras in terms of my surroundings but the date April 23rd 1921 seemed prominent. My house had a yellow staircase and a bright blue desk and there was lots of lace. White lace everywhere. Quite a boring past life but exciting to think it could be true!
  • Tamela B. Tamela B.
    I just remember being in japan, I was very rich and I lived by myself. When I went up into my room and looked in the mirror. I looked totally different lol and I only remember the year when I looked at the calendar, it was about 1999.Then when I left and asked the cloud to take me to my child hood, I was really cute Japanese girl. My home was old and small (I guess as a child I was poor).I saw goat and chicken in my yard. When I walked in my house it was really quiet. I saw pictures of my parents. My mother was very beautiful. I asked for a message and I didn't really get anything..or I probably don't remember. I looked at another picture. It was me as a baby at the top of the picture it said Yumi or something like that. That was a really amazing experience though, thank you 🙂
  • Cassie O. Cassie O.
    I lived in Ukraine, the date on the calendar was April 24, 1760. There were no other people, and I lived in a single-room brick structure, built right into a row of other similar structures. The street I lived on was so narrow, it may have just been an alley. It was dark outside with just a few lanterns, and very damp. Inside, there was a big wood furnace and a single lofted bed with a couch-type piece of furniture underneath. No electricity. I couldn't see where I worked, so maybe I didn't..? I forced myself awake after that because I got scared. I'd try again though. Very interesting.
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