Astralware's Past Life Regression

Frequently Asked Questions


 What is cost for Astralware’s Past Life Regression?

At only $19.95, Astralware’s Past Life Regression is rather affordable, especially considering that a "flesh-and-blood" regressionist therapist may cost you at least several hundred dollars for just one session.  Like doctors or any other expert, experienced human therapists are quite expensive.  While such experts can indeed provide individualized service based on the specific needs of a patient, most people can find considerable benefit from a more generalized experience such as the one offered by Astralware's Past Life Regression.

 How long will I have access to the Past Life program?

At present, Astralware offers 60 days of unlimited access to the system.  There are no recurring fees.  In the future, there may be other longer-term options available for those who feel they need an even deeper, longer experience.

 What is Astralware’s Past Life Regression?

Astralware’s Past Life Regression is designed to help you uncover hidden past life memories through a combination of hypnosis/guided meditation.  This system of exploration is similar to the process you would experience if you went to a high price past life regression therapist and spent hundreds of dollars per session.

 Is Astralware’s Past Life Regression for real?

Our Past Life Regression system is absolutely real and has been used by many, many tens of thousands of people for many years.  Just take a look at our testimonials page for great examples of successful past life memory journeys.

 Is it safe to have a Past Life Regression?

Undergoing a past life regression is very safe as long as you follow the instructions provided and use some basic good judgement (i.e., don’t use it in a moving vehicle or in any other situation where your full attention is required).

 Aren’t past lives evil or against my religion?

Astralware’s Past Life Regression is simply a tool to help uncover memories and other information.  How you use the tool and how you use the information is entirely up to you.  All tools can be used for either good or bad.  Most religions do not seem to take issue with simply looking behind the curtain.  People process uncovered memories through the moral lens of their own personal spirituality.

 How will this help me? (therapy curiosity fun, etc)

Astralware’s Past Life Regression was designed as a convenient entertaining and therapeutic alternative to visiting an expensive past life regression therapist.  As a therapeutic product, the guided meditation can be very relaxing and aid in achieving a transcendent state of calm.  Many people find it beneficial to consider their current life challenges in light of their experience exploring their past lives.  A common belief is that the framework of our current life is built atop the karmic vibrations of our previous lives.  An understanding of the many themes of our past incarnations can help put our current existence in better perspective.

As entertainment, Astralware’s Past Life Regression is simply fun.  Despite the huge demand, most people haven’t had the opportunity to undergo a full past life regression session (mostly due to high cost and the rarity of past life therapists).  Due to many movies and tv shows on the subject, many people are very interested in past life phenomena and would love the chance to try it for themselves – and now they can for a fraction of the cost.

 What have other people experienced?

The range of experiences people report is quite vast.  Some people return from their very first regression with deep and vibrant images of past incarnations.  Other people report that it took undergoing several regressions to obtain the same clarity.  Some see their past lives from a first person view while others watch their past lives unfold like watching a movie.  And yes, a small number of people report no experiences.  There really seems to be no way to predict your type of experience ahead of time.

Past life memories often defy expectations.  Often people are surprised at how their recovered memories are so different than they expected.  Many began their regressions with certain expectations – such as having a life in the Civil War or in Elizabethan England.  What they found, though, was very different – such as having memories of living in a small, nameless village in Africa a thousand years ago.

We would love you to share your experiences with Astralware’s Past Life Regression.

Take a look at a small sample of experiences reported by many by clicking here.

 Don’t you need to be a psychologist to do past life regressions?

Absolutely not.  While there are respected experts in the fields of past life regression and regressive therapies, the past life process itself is relatively simple and safe.  In fact, after using Astralware’s system just a few times, you too will understand how to help others explore their past life memories.  If you find yourself deeply interested in past life therapy or believe you would like to delve deeper into the subject, we recommend that you seek out these experts.  Astralware’s Past Life Regression is designed to provide a fascinating and convincing entry-level experience.

 Can you reprogram my mind while I’m in a trance?

No.  Despite popular dramas often found in the movies and on television, hypnotic regressions and guided meditations cannot “brainwash” or control subjects.  During your past life regression, you are always in control and can terminate the experience at any time.  While this is a powerful experience, there’s no for Astralware to get you to do something you don’t want.

 What’s the money back guarantee?

We trust you and we want you to trust us, so we offer a 60 day money back guarantee to ensure your happiness.   We believe you’ll join the many tens of thousands of previous users and love Past Life Regression.    If, for some reason, you hate having a past life regression, just submit a refund request and we’ll take care of you.