Frog & Cricket Sounds for Sleep | Natural AMBIENT music for sleep, meditation, studying

Feels like a Summer night in rural Kentucky!
There is a beautiful farm only a few miles from where I live. Nestled in the center of the farm is a very large pond where I would often take my dog swimming. My pup loved getting surprised by the bullfrogs in the summer when they would jump from the shore and splash into the water near him. Try as he did, he was never able to catch one.

We would often stay at this pond until late in the evening and sometimes even into the night when all the frogs and crickets would begin to sing. It was so peaceful lost in Kentucky.

My 15-year-old Australian Kelpie dog passed away gently in his sleep only two weeks ago. My heart is broken as he was my best buddy. As my tears dry, I remember the summer evenings we spent lost in the country by that pond.

Hopefully, you’ll also enjoy the audio serenity of frogs and crickets at this pond.

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